Fight Crazy with Common Sense

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Common Sense for America PAC supports candidates who have the courage to lead with the common sense that made America the greatest country in all of human history.

While the radical left gets more unhinged and crazy by the day, we defend our core American values with straight talk and hard work. That’s the only way we can make sure America’s future is brighter than our past.


Woke elitists think they can spend your money and raise your kids better than you can. They’re not pulling any punches. These progressive extremists are gaslighting Middle America every day and twice on Sundays.

To defeat their militant agenda, we need to elect leaders who have backbone and who will get back to the basics.

That means fighting back to put common sense, elbow grease, and traditional values at the center of America’s foundation once again.

U.S. Senator John Kennedy Honorary Chairman

John Kennedy wants every American to have the freedom to say what you believe, to keep what you earn, and to raise your kids with your values. The radical left disagrees, and it takes leaders with courage, conviction, and common sense to win these battles.

Kennedy believes that America is full of unlimited opportunities because our founders believed in limited government. He also knows that none of us can beat the woke mob alone. That’s why he is working to support common sense conservatives who have the courage to defend our country and our values.


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